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Variational Autoencoders for Deforming 3D Mesh Models

Qingyang Tan, Lin Gao, Yu-Kun Lai, Shihong Xia

Accepted to CVPR 2018. [Pdf] [Project]

Temporal Upsampling of Depth Maps Using a Hybrid Camera

Ming-Ze Yuan, Lin Gao, Hongbo Fu, and Shihong Xia


Real-time 3D Face Reconstruction and Gaze Tracking for Virtual Reality

Shu-Yu Chen, Lin Gao, Yu-Kun Lai, Paul L. Rosin, Shihong Xia

Accepted to IEEE VR, 2018. [Project]

Cascaded 3D Full-body Pose Regression from Single Depth Image at 100 FPS

Shihong Xia, Zihao Zhang, Le Su

Accepted to IEEE VR, 2018. [Project]

Biharmonic Deformation Transfer with Automatic Key Point Selection

Jie Yang, Lin Gao, Yu-Kun Lai, Paul L. Rosin, Shihong Xia

Accepted to CVM, 2018. [Project]

Effect of tibia marker placement on knee joint kinematic analysis

Yuhui Wen, Hongshi Huang, Yuanyuan Yu, Si Zhang, Jie Yang, Yingfang Ao, Shihong Xia

Accepted to Gait & Posture, 2018. [paper] [Project]

Mesh-based Autoencoders for Localized Deformation Component Analysis

Qingyang Tan, Lin Gao, Yu-Kun Lai, Jie Yang, Shihong Xia

Accepted to AAAI-2018 [Pdf] [Project]

Individual 3D Model Estimation for Realtime Human Motion Capture

Lianjun Liao, Le Su and Shihong Xia

Accepted to ICVRV, 2017. [Pdf] [Project]

Rigidity Controllable As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Deformation

Shu-Yu Chen,Lin Gao,Yu-Kun Lai,Shihong Xia

Graphical Models 2017. [Pdf] [Project]

Toward Accurate Realtime Marker Labeling for Live Optical Motion Capture

Shihong Xia,Le Su,Xinyu Fei,Han Wang

Computer Graphics International 2017. [Pdf] [Project]

Data-Driven Shape Interpolation and Morphing Editing

Lin Gao, Shu-Yu Chen, Yu-Kun Lai and Shihong Xia

Accepted to Computer Graphics Forum, 2016. [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Data-driven Inverse Dynamics for Human Motion

Xiaolei Lv, Jinxiang Chai, Shihong Xia

SIGGRAPH Asia 2016. [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Local Pose Prior Based 3D Human Motion Capture From Depth Camera

Le Su , Jinxiang Chai, Shihong Xia

Journal of Software, 2016. (China Computer Graphics Conference 2016, Best Paper Award) [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Construction of Facial Shape with Details from Single Image Title

Han Wang, Shihong Xia.

Journal of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics. 2016 (China computer graphics conference, 2016) [Pdf] [Project]

Realtime 3D Eye Gaze Animation Using a Single RGB Camera

Congyi Wang, Fuhao Shi, Shihong Xia, Jinxiang Chai

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH), 2016. [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Efficient and Flexible Deformation Representation for Data-Driven Surface Modeling

Lin Gao, Yu-Kun Lai, Dun Liang, Shu-Yu Chen, Shihong Xia

ACM Transactions on Graphics(SIGGRAPH), 2016. [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Alignment and Super Pixel Segmentation of RGB-D Video Stream

Lianjun Liao, Yongbin Hao, Xiangyang Su, Shihong Xia

International Conference on Virtua lReality and Visualization (ICVRV 2016) [Pdf] [Project]

Realtime Style Transfer for Unlabeled Heterogeneous Human Motion

Shihong Xia,Congyi Wang,Jinxiang Chai,Jessica Hodgins

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH), 2015, [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Active Exploration of Large 3D Model Repositories

Lin Gao, Yan-Pei Cao, Yu-Kun Lai, Hao-Zhi Huang, Leif Kobbelt, Shi-Min Hu

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2015, [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Semantic Blendshape Method for Video-Driven Facial Animation

Han Wang, Shihong Xia.

Journal of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics. 27 (5): 873-882, (Chinese computer graphics Conference) (2014) [Pdf] [Project]

A Particle Filtering Method for Muscle Tissue Segmentation from MRI Images

Xiaolei Lv, Hongshi Huang, Yinfang Ao, Shihong Xia.

Proc. of the 6th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering IFMBE Proceedings Volume 45, 2014, pp 118-121.

Locomotion Synthesis for Humanoid Character based on a Double Inverted Pendulum Model

Jianjun Zhao, Yi Wei, Shihong Xia, Zhaoqi Wang.

Chinese Journal of computer science 37 (10):, 2187-2195.

A New Simple Method for Kinematic Detection of Gait Events

Xiaolei Lv, Yi Wei, Shihong Xia.

Proceedings of the International Congress on Sports Science Research and Technology Support 2013. Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal, 20-22 September, 2013. page25-29.

Style Graph for Human Motion

Wanli Ma, Shihong Xia, Zhaoqi Wang.

Journal of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics. 25(12): 1910-1917, 2013.

Emotion Controlled Speech Driven Face Animation

Yiwen Fan, Shihong Xia.

Proceedings of the Ninth China computer graphics Conference. Enhua Wu,Pingan Wang. Sichuan University. ChinaGraph 2012: 7-18.

Exploring Nonlinear Relationship of Blendshape Facial Animation

Xuecheng Liu,Shihong Xia,Yiwen Fan,and Zhaoqi Wang

Computer Graphics Forum 2011. [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

Building Local K-d Tree for Flexibly Labeling Articulated Point Sets

Wu Huang, Shihong Xia.

BIODEVICES 2011: 288-294.

Modeling Style and Variation in Human Motion

Wanli Ma,Shihong Xia,Jessica K. Hodgins,Xiao Yang,Chunpeng Li,Zhaoqi Wang

ACM Siggraph/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2010:21-30 [Pdf] [Video] [Project]

A Survey of Human Motion Simulation

Shihong Xia, Yi Wei, Zhaoqi Wang.

Computer Research and Development, 2010, 47(8): 1354-1361.

Recent Advances on Virtual Human Synthesis

XIA ShiHong & WANG ZhaoQi.

Science in China Series F: Information Sciences 2009. [Pdf]