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Construction of Facial Shape with Details from Single Image Title

Wang Han 1,2   Xia Shihong 1

1 (Beijing Key Lab of Mobile Computing and Pervasive Devices, Advanced Computing Research Laboratory, Institute Of Computing Technology Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Beijing, 100190) 
2 (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049)

This paper proposes an automatic method on reconstructing detailed facial model with a single image. The virtue of this work is the idea of improving the geometry from coarse to fine. This method needs weaker conditions in image and digs more information from image to improve the reality of 3D facial geometry. After we detected feature points from image, this method is started by solving head pose and large-scale expression using different initials. Then, we correct the 3D shape by 2D feature points. This step is combined with non-rigid ICP method and a Laplacian deformation method. Finally, we generate a geometry of detail from the coarse shape using shape from shading method. In this step, our method provide a constant hypothesis to solve the boundary problem. We show results to demonstrate that the method can construct accuracy facial shape with details even when the head swing largely. This method does not need to calibrate the camera, neither needs the pre-process like user-training or some other manual work. Meanwhile, the method can achieve good result using a weak lighting condition or in a variegated background. This gives our method a wide range of applications.

Construction of Facial Shape with Details from Single Image Title. Journal of computer aided design and computer graphics (Chinese computer graphics conference 2016) [ PDF 2,836KB]