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Data-Driven Shape Interpolation and Morphing Editing
Accepted to Computer Graphics Forum, 2016

Lin Gao 1,2  Shu-Yu Chen 1  Yu-Kun Lai 2 Shihong Xia 1

1 Beijing Key Laboratory of Mobile Computing and Pervasive Device, ICT, CAS 
2 School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University, UK

Shape interpolation has many applications in computer graphics such as morphing for computer animation. In this paper we propose a novel data-driven mesh interpolation method. We adapt patch-based linear rotational invariant coordinates to effectively represent deformations of models in a shape collection, and utilize this information to guide the synthesis of interpolated shapes. Unlike previous data-driven approaches, we use a rotation/translation invariant representation which defines the plausible deformations in a global continuous space. By effectively exploiting the knowledge in the shape space, our method produces realistic interpolation results at interactive rates, outperforming state-of-the-art methods for challenging cases. We further propose a novel approach to interactive editing of shape morphing according to the shape distribution. The user can explore the morphing path and select example models intuitively and adjust the path with simple interactions to edit the morphing sequences. This provides a useful tool to allow users to generate desired morphing with little effort. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach using various examples.

Data-Driven Shape Interpolation and Morphing Editing. Accepted to Computer Graphics Forum, 2016 [ PDF 1,489KB] [ Video 42,224KB]