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Semantic Blendshape Method for Video-Driven Facial Animation

Wang Han 1,2   Xia Shihong 1

1 (Beijing Key Lab of Mobile Computing and Pervasive Devices, Advanced Computing Research Laboratory, Institute Of Computing Technology Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Beijing, 100190) 
2 (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049)

This paper proposes a novel method about semantic expression definition and optimization. The proposed method solves the real-time video-driven facial retargeting problem. First, it defines a set of semantic values,which represents the expression, from sparse 2D feature points with noise. Then, an extended optimization solved in semantic space is employed to improve the quality of expression retargeting. The method neither needs to calibrate camera, nor requires user-specific training to construct the special 3D model and blendshape. So, the proposed algorithm can be applied widely for retargeting expression of network video, real-time social networks,and so on. The experiments demonstrates that the proposed method can achieve accurate and stable facial animation results with the pitch and yaw ranged from -15° to 15°.

Semantic Blendshape Method for Video-Driven Facial Animation.Journal of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics. 27(5): 873-882, 2015 (China Computer Graphics Conference 2014) [ PDF 6,029KB] [ Video 12,440KB]