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Exploring Nonlinear Relationship of Blendshape Facial Animation
Computer Graphics Forum 2011

Xuecheng Liu 1,2 Shihong Xia 1 Yiwen Fan 1,2 Zhaoqi Wang 1

1 Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences  2 Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Human face is a complex biomechanical system and nonlinearity is a remarkable feature of facial expressions. However, in blendshape animation, facial expression space is linearized by regarding linear relationship between blending weights and deformed face geometry. This results in the loss of reality in facial animation. In order to synthesize more realistic facial animation, aforementioned relationship should be nonlinear to allow the greatest generality and delity of facial expressions.Unfortunately, few existing works pay attention to the topic about how to measure the nonlinear relationship. In this paper, we propose an optimization scheme that automatically explores the nonlinear relationship of blendshape facial animation from captured facial expressions. Experiments show that the explored nonlinear relationship is consistent with the nonlinearity of facial expressions soundly and is able to synthesize more realistic facial animation than the linear one.

Exploring Nonlinear Relationship of Blendshape Facial Animation. Computer Graphics Forum 2011 [ PDF 9,465KB] [ Video 73,620KB]